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  • Tuition Guaranteed to full-time students residing in Alice Lloyd College’s 108-county Central Appalachian service area. Students attending Alice Lloyd College do not need thousands of dollars for a college education—all they need is a desire for learning and self-improvement.

  • Work College Alice Lloyd College is one of only nine work colleges in America. Mrs. Lloyd understood the importance of work ethic. Today, the tradition of work remains as important as ever. All full-time students work from ten to twenty hours each week in a variety of work areas as a condition for graduation.

  • Caney Cottage/Berger Scholarship  Caney Cottage/Berger Scholarships assist scholarly Alice Lloyd College students with their graduate and professional studies. In order to ensure that the Appalachian region has the leadership it so desperately needs, Alice Lloyd College, with the help of generous benefactors, scholarships students on to universities and professional schools to earn advanced degrees. We only ask one thing – that students return to the mountains to serve in their chosen fields.
  • Character-Based Education Character building is essential at Alice Lloyd College. Christian principles are integrated into all aspects of campus life. Students are expected to follow set rules and guidelines for good moral development and social behavior. Faculty and staff serve as role models and lead by example.

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ACT or SAT Composite test score is required





ACT or SAT Composite test score is required

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